by John Eberhard

Before some wise-cracker says “They’re different letters of the alphabet,” the issue before us is “Is there any difference between a Democrat and a Republican?”

I’ve seen this argument pop up numerous times over the last few years, on the Internet, in email, on Facebook. Roughly stated, it is:

“There is no difference between Democrats and Republicans. They are both dragging us towards socialism/totalitarianism/insolvency/bankruptcy. They are both puppets and the real powers are (fill in your bogeyman here – international bankers, the Trilateral Commission, etc.).”

I’ve never been a fan of conspiracy theories. I have never been able to read Gary Allen or Jim Marrs. It just won’t go in. My mind keeps kicking it out, rejecting the idea. I’ve never been able to accept theories like:

  1. The US government was behind the 9/11 attacks and blew up the Twin Towers.
  2. We never really landed on the moon. It was all a clever hoax staged in television studios.
  3. Alien reptiles are dominating the world
  4. The Wingdings font has a secret message of approval to kill Jews
  5. Chemtrails

That said, there may be some truth to the idea that international bankers or some other nefarious group control the Presidency and Congress. In fact it’s probably true.

But even if it is true, what can you and I really do about it? I think at this point the answer is nothing.

But here is something you and I can do. We can refuse to vote for anyone with a “D” next to his name in the fall elections.

I can hear someone out there saying “Well, I never just vote for one party. I study all the individual issues and candidates.”

OK, Mrs. I-study-the-issues. So if you have studiously been observing political activity for the last 30 years, then you probably know that:

  1. ALL efforts to cut down the size of government, cut taxes, and roll back the welfare state during the past 30 years, have been done by Republicans.
  2. All efforts to enforce immigration laws have come from Republicans.
  3. All efforts to take away guns have come from liberals
  4. All efforts to promote gay marriage have come from liberals
  5. Nationalizing banks has been done by Barack Obama
  6. Nationalizing auto manufacturers has been done by Barack Obama
  7. 18-21 Czars appointed by President Obama
  8. Record deficit spending
  9. And the biggest insult, health care reform has been passed by a Democratic Congress, against firm opposition by a majority of the US public, now forcing us to purchase health insurance and fining us if we do not, without a single Republican vote. Not one.

So in summary, while you could say that Republicans’ march toward totalitarianism/socialism/bankruptcy has been happening at the speed of a slowly moving bike, under Barack Obama and the Congressional Democrats it has been like beaming aboard the starship Enterprise and screaming “Scotty, warp factor nine!”

So yes, Virginia, there most decidedly IS a difference between the Democrats and Republicans. In fact, the difference is the most notable one I’ve seen in my lifetime. Much different than in the 60s or 70s.

The current President and Congressional leadership is the most radically socialist we’ve seen since the New Deal. And although I could write an entire article about this and might, when I see members of the mainstream news media argue or mock the idea that Obama is a socialist, I know that they are just capitalizing on the fact that so few people even understand what that means today.

So if you value personal freedom, if you dislike socialism, even if you just dislike the idea of government telling you more and more what to do and how to do it, then the choice in November is clear. In fact I’d say that taking away the Congressional majority from the Democrats in both the House and Senate, is the most important thing that the American people can do this fall.

This is not to say that all Republicans are perfect, or even that they are all conservatives. They’re not. But you have to give them credit in their solidarity against Obamacare. And as much as I’d like to take a ride aboard the starship Enterprise, when the destination is socialism/totalitarianism/bankruptcy, I’ll take the slow bicycle any day. For one thing, it gives conservatives more time to fight.

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