By John Eberhard

I am a political conservative. I favor smaller government, lower taxes, am against welfare and against government intrusion into our lives.

I have spent a fair amount of time in my life trying to understand what make liberals tick. It’s been tough and I can’t say I’ve been very successful in understanding liberal thought.

But recently I came across a video that someone posted on Facebook. It received very little fanfare but I think it contained a key to understanding liberal thought. The video was of a guy named Evan Sayet. He is a comedian and comedy writer. So why was I listening to a comedian about politics? Because he had something really profound to say.

The first video I saw was only a couple minutes long, which then interested me enough to watch another video that was over an hour long. The first video was called “The Unified Field Theory of Modern Liberalism.” Here’s an excerpt:

“The modern liberal: there is something about his ideology that leads him to invariably and inevitably side with evil over good, wrong over right, the lesser over the better, the ugly over the beautiful, the profane over the profound, and the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success.”

“The first two laws of unified field theory of liberalism – there are four, and two corollaries… The first law is the modern liberal was raised to believe that indiscriminateness is a moral imperative. Because its opposite is discrimination. In the 1980s, by no coincidence, when the first post-World War II generation, the children of the 60s, when they became the professors of the 80s, when they became the entertainers of the 80s, when they became the journalists of the 80s, and when they became the Democratic Party of the 80s, in the 1980s, thinking was outlawed. It was deemed a hate crime.”

“Anything that you believe is going to be so tainted by your personal prejudices, prejudices we all have – part of being human, based on such things as the color of your skin, the nation of your ancestors, your height, your weight, your sex and so on. Anything that you believe is going to be so tainted by your prejudices, that the only way not to be a bigot, is to never think at all. That is why their answer to everything is ‘You’re a racist,’ ‘You’re a homophobe,’ ‘You’re a xenophobe.’ Because then there’s nothing to worry about, because there is no good or bad. So the only reason you could be against something, is you’re a racist or homophobic.”

“They were raised to believe that indiscriminateness is a moral imperative because its opposite is discrimination.”

“And the second law of the unified field theory of liberalism… is indiscriminateness of thought does not lead to indiscriminateness of belief. Indiscriminateness of thought leads invariably, inevitably – there is no place else it can lead but to siding with evil over good, wrong over right, ugly over beautiful, and so on. Why?”

“Because if no religion, if no culture, if no person, if no behavior, if no form of governance, if nothing is better than anything else, then success is unjust.”

“Why should a person, a nation, a government, a religion succeed if it’s not better than any other?”

“So this liberalism says ‘Everything is equally good, bad, coexist, doesn’t make everything meet in the middle. It makes the better, bad.”


So, let me translate or explain. Sayet’s idea is that modern liberals were raised on the idea that you must not judge anyone or anything. To do so would be to discriminate, it would lead to prejudice and discrimination. So the only way to not be a bigot is to not judge anything to be good or bad. All things are equal.

All religions are equal. All forms of government are equal. All forms of behavior are equal. All cultures are equal. No religion or government or culture or behavior can be judged to be better than any other. This is also called “multiculturalism.”

So if you see a type of culture or behavior or government or religion that appears to lead to a bad outcome or some negative result, you are not allowed to judge it.

And if you see some form of culture or religion or government or behavior that has been more successful than another or others, as a liberal you are not allowed to judge that to be better. It is ingrained in you not to judge it to be better. It is EQUAL to the less successful cultures or religions or governments or behaviors. It is NOT better.

So if that culture or government or behavior or religion was more successful than others, how could that be? It’s equal to the others, not better. So how did it get to be more successful?

It cheated.

That’s right, it cheated. It was a form of injustice. It couldn’t be better (we can’t judge anything), so it must have cheated to get ahead. It must have bent the rules to favor itself, it must have taken advantage of the less fortunate, less successful ones, or it was just plain old dumb luck.

So Sayet is saying that this leads the modern liberal to invariably favor evil over good, wrong over right, and behaviors that lead to failure over behaviors that lead to success. Why? Because the successful, good and right people cheated. Success is inherently unjust.

Successful people are invariably victimizers, and unsuccessful people are inherently victims.

If you follow politics and follow what types of things liberals promote, you’ll see example after example of this:

  1. Liberals champion the poor and want to redistribute wealth to them, taking it away from successful people. This takes the form of welfare, progressive taxation, food stamps, etc. On the flip side, most liberals are very anti-business, for example president Obama, the most anti-business president in my lifetime.
  2. Decades ago liberals began championing criminals’ rights. Are they concerned with the actual victims of crimes? Not so much. Numerous times liberals have championed the cause of convicted murderers, trying to get them released from prison or stop their executions.
  3. Liberals demand that we give tons of free things to illegal immigrants. Citizens have passed referendums against this (such as in CA), but these have all been struck down by liberal judges. President Obama’s administration has refused to enforce immigration laws (which is unconstitutional). Because the more successful country (America) must have cheated and victimized all those other countries to achieve its success, so they feel they have to give it all back.
  4. Islam contains a radical wing that advocates violence and murder to achieve its aims of taking over the world. But liberals bend over backwards not to judge them, even though radical Muslims mistreat women and homosexuals.
  5. Liberals champion sexual promiscuity. One of their most important issues is abortion. They brought us the Supreme Court Roe vs. Wade decision that made abortion legal nationwide. And they go ballistic if anyone ever wants to limit any women’s right to an abortion. They promote abortion. Planned Parenthood is an abortion mill. They demand that 13 year old girls can have an abortion with no parental consent or notification.
  6. Liberals in academia have invited convicted terrorists from the 60s to become professors.
  7. Liberals repeatedly insist that poor performance by blacks in any area; income, percentage born out of wedlock, percentage in prison, percentage of crimes committed, are due not to poor behavior but due to discrimination.
  8. Even though the vast majority of terrorist acts over the last 20 years have been committed by radical Muslims, Liberals believe that you must not ever use racial profiling when running security at airports. So it is more important not to do racial profiling than it is to keep our country safe. Because to do racial profiling would be judging someone based on past statistics.

You can probably think of other examples of liberals favoring bad over good, evil over good, and the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success.

If you are a liberal you might ask what is wrong with the idea that you must not judge anything, ever. The above may seem perfectly logical to you.

But I am going to go out on a limb here and declare that the above idea that you must not ever judge anyone or anything is a completely false idea. It’s not true.

First, let’s examine the idea that to judge things is wrong. Judging behavior is deeply ingrained in our culture, in order to achieve success and avoid failure. It’s how you survive in life. Throughout history mankind has tried to figure out which behaviors lead to success, and which ones lead to failure.

Moral codes and laws are based on which behaviors have led to success and failure, and those that have led to failure have been judged bad and things to avoid.

Let’s take an example. It used to be, before the last 50 years, that sexual promiscuity was considered bad. It led to venereal disease, unwanted pregnancies, broken marriages, and single mothers raising kids. And before you jump on me and say there is nothing wrong with single mothers raising kids, statistics have shown that kids raised by single mothers have much higher incidence of crime, failure in school, and becoming unwed mothers themselves. And those things are what we typically call “failures.”

I think most people over the age of 30 would recognize that sexual promiscuity is a bad thing. But liberals have been promoting sexual promiscuity for 50 years, in schools, in entertainment, on and on. And abortion is the quintessential act of avoiding all responsibility for the sexual act. After all, you wouldn’t want to be “punished with a baby” as President Obama has said. Abortion is one of the most important issues to liberals.

To the liberal, judging any type of sexual behavior is not allowed. So they champion the types of sexual behavior that society has traditionally judged to be deviant.

Perhaps one of the first things liberals need to realize is that some behaviors lead to success and some to failure. Some behaviors are actually better than others. You can take this to the ultimate absurdity and say that working hard at a job and supporting a family leads to better survival for someone than going around killing people. The person going around killing people is eventually going to be caught and put in jail, or killed himself. That’s not very good survival.

Perhaps the second thing that liberals need to learn is that people can control their own behavior. There is such a thing as free will. A person is not an animal as psychiatrists would have you believe.

Evan Sayet now has a book out about this called “The Kindergarten of Eden.” Rush Limbaugh did a segment on his show about this which you can hear here.

We’re going to be hearing a lot more about this concept.

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