by John Eberhard

I know everyone is probably getting election fatigue already based on the volume of emails, direct mail and even robocalls. But bear with me with some last minute thoughts on next Tuesday’s election.

Vote Republican
Anyone who has followed my articles knows I am a conservative. I think it is more important than ever to vote for every single Republican on the ballot this time. Here are some reasons on the federal level:

  • Barack Obama is a radical socialist, and all the Democrats in Congress are more or less in lock step with him.
  • Barack Obama has stated that the US Constitution is a “flawed document” because it does not allow for “social justice” which is a code word for redistribution of wealth (a concept originated by Marx).
  • Obama stated to Joe the Plumber that it’s good for everybody when you spread the wealth around
  • Obamacare was passed with 100% Democrat votes. Not one Republican voted for it. Every single poll showed a majority of Americans against it. Currently 55% support repeal.
  • Currently unemployment is at 10%.
  • The Democratic controlled Congress refused to decide on whether to extend the Bush tax cuts, before the election. If allowed to expire they will represent one of the biggest tax increases of all time.
  • The actions of the Obama administration have represented possibly the biggest power grab for the federal government (and resultant loss of freedoms for Americans) of all time.

Here are some reasons to vote Republican on the state level in CA:

  • The crazy state legislature, dominated by Democrats, has been hard at work to bankrupt the state. They need a Republican counter balance, particularly in the governor’s office. Governor Schwarzenegger has been far from perfect but he has been willing to veto the more crazy stuff coming out of the legislature. Does anyone really believe Gerry Brown would do that? No, but Meg Whitman would.
  • What California really needs right now is fiscal conservatism. We need to stop spending so much and cut expenses. And we need to stop raising taxes, as the state already has some of the highest taxes in the nation.

I know that for some people, it offends them to just vote one party straight.

Although Republicans haven’t always fielded candidates whom you could call conservative, this year the Tea Party has caused a major shift toward conservatism, and there are quite a few conservative candidates on the ballot. So if you believe in:

  • Smaller government
  • Lower taxes
  • Don’t like welfare
  • Don’t like huge “stimulus” bills that stimulated nothing except the Democratic Party
  • Don’t like having huge new laws like Obamacare stuffed down our throats, forcing us to buy health insurance

Then vote Republican.

Summary on Propositions

Here is a summary of my position on propositions. You can see more in my previous article.

Prop 19 – NO
Legalizes marijuana for adults over 21.

Prop 20 – YES
Removes Elected Officials from Process of Establishing Congressional Districts, Transfers That Authority to Recently Authorized 14-Member Commission.

Prop 21 – NO
$18 Annual Vehicle License Surcharge to Fund State Parks and Wildlife Programs.

Prop 22 – YES
Prohibits the State from Taking Funds Used for Transportation or Local Government Projects.

Prop 23 – YES
Suspends Air Pollution Control Laws Requiring Major Polluters to Report and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Until Unemployment Drops Below Specified Level for Full Year

Prop 24 – NO
Repeals Recent Legislation That Would Allow Businesses to Lower Their Tax Liability.

Prop 25 – NO
Changes Legislative Vote Requirement to Pass a Budget from 2/3rds to a Simple Majority.

Prop 26 – YES
Increases Legislative Vote Requirement to 2/3rds for State Levies and Charges.

Prop 27 – NO
Eliminates State Commission on Redistricting, Consolidates That Authority with Elected Officials.

Vote on Tuesday. I know you’re tired of hyperbole too, but I really do believe this is one of the most important elections of our lifetimes.

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