By John Eberhard

We have been hearing for a while that the 2012 is the most election in our lives, so much so that it’s almost a cliché now. But nonetheless I believe it is true.

This election is shaping up to be a battle over a simple concept. The Democrats, with President Obama stridently in the lead, have decided to become the party of the free handout.

Here is the simple sequence strategy that the Democrats have selected over the last 40-50 years:

  1. Offer goodies to the public
  2. Tax at high rates to fund the goodies offered
  3. Spend like drunken sailors, then when they find the high taxes won’t cover it, fund all that with heavy borrowing
  4. Count on the recipients of the goodies to vote Democrat

There are various sub-plots to this strategy, like refuse to enforce immigration laws, let tons of illegal immigrants into the country, give them lots of free goodies (and thwart the public’s efforts to stop the flow of free goodies), eventually grant them amnesty, gain millions of Democratic voters for life.

It apparently doesn’t occur to them that:

  1. The ones who produce the tax money that fund their goodies get tired of it
  2. You can’t go on with high deficit spending and borrowing forever
  3. They have promised more than they can deliver, in terms of unfunded liabilities with Social Security, Medicare, and public employee pensions
  4. What they are doing is destroying the country, with crushing debts, weakening of the dollar, and an ever increasing percentage of the population that doesn’t support themselves

Sometimes I wonder whether or not Democratic leaders know that they are destroying the country, because you can’t possibly incentivize sloth and dependency without getting a greater and greater percentage of people on the dole. And you can’t build or even maintain a great country with a majority of people sitting at home collecting welfare checks.

So do they know they’re destroying the country and don’t care? Are they in it for the short term and to hell with posterity? Or are they so stupid they believe their own demented rhetoric? Or are they destroying the country on purpose? You decide.

In the past the Democrats have worked in this direction (goodies, taxes, borrowing, votes), but they always sort of tried to hide the fact. They seemed to rightly know that this wasn’t a good thing for the voters to know.

But President Oabama has decided to eliminate all pretense. For example:

  • Under Obama, food stamp consumption has increased by 41%
  • 51% of all households today receive some sort of government assistance
  • Early in Obama’s term, the Democratically controlled Congress under Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid eliminated the extremely successful welfare reform from 1990s that got millions off the welfare rolls and into a job
  • Recently Obama eliminated the work requirement for welfare, which had been in place for decades

Obama is solidly banking on the assumption that there are enough people in America now that are addicted to the government handout, that they will vote for him again. He has worked diligently throughout his term to increase the size of that group.

His Justice Department has gone to court to stop states from putting voter ID laws into place. Why? So Democrats can get more people to vote who shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

Key Question

So the question before us right now is – are there enough people on the government dole to re-elect President Obama, despite the fact that he and his party are obviously destroying the country?

Have we passed the tipping point where there are enough people to just keep voting for free handouts, regardless of what it will do to the country?

My hope is that we haven’t, and I’m urging everyone to vote Republican in November.

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