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The recent election of Donald Trump has shocked many on both sides of the aisle. I’ve seen many articles and commentators trying to explain what happened, and I think very few of them have gotten it right.

There are a few factors as to why Trump was elected and why Hillary Clinton lost. I’m going to list them out.

Democrats Have Embraced a Bunch of Issues That Have Nothing to Do With Prosperity, and Don’t Even Seem to Care About Prosperity for Americans

It used to be that Democrats were the champions of the working class and middle class American. No longer.

Basically liberal Democrats have become completely obsessed with a number of policies and issues that do nothing to help the prosperity of Americans, and in some cases actively harm working class and middle class Americans.

Environment: Obama has sided with radical environmentalists, to the point where he has banned or worked against a) offshore drilling, b) drilling in America, especially in Alaska, c) the Keystone Pipeline (which would have provided hundreds of thousands of good paying jobs). He has also said he wanted to bankrupt the coal industry, and Hillary Clinton has stated this as well.

Gay and Transgender: This became such a priority to Obama that he made an executive order allowing transgender boys to use girls’ bathrooms and showers in schools.

Illegal Immigration: Not just Obama but liberals around the country have refused to enforce immigration laws, allowing illegal immigration to run rampant. These people bring crime, gangs, are given generous welfare benefits and take jobs from Americans.  

Obama has been openly anti-business for 8 years, which has certainly done nothing to get the economy back on track.

Democrats Fielded a Terrible Candidate

Hillary Clinton was one of the worst presidential candidates, possibly ever. The Democrats probably felt they owed it to her after Obama beat her 8 years ago.

But we saw a large number of scandals dogging Hillary, the most important of which was that apparently she sold favors and access to foreign countries and corporations through her Clinton Foundation, while Secretary of State, a monstrous conflict of interest. For tens of millions of dollars.

And many of Hillary’s other scandals originated out of this one. Because, since she was selling favors and access to foreign countries, she had to set up a non-government email server to hide this fact, and then she had to delete all the emails that proved that she had been doing that. So crime on top of crime on top of crime.

After hearing about all these criminal activities, I started feeling like “Why can’t anyone stop this person from running for president? Isn’t it somebody’s job to stop such things?” I think a lot of people felt that way too.

Aside from all that, she is basically a boring candidate, favoring all the radical liberal pet policies of Obama, but with none of the charisma.

Obama Alienated a Good Section of the Country

Obama worsened race relations across the boards by playing the race card over and over, insisting that Americans are inherently racist, saying that police departments are inherently racist, and helping to promote the false narrative that police are killing black men at much higher percentages than whites.  

Personally I think that America is largely a post-racist nation. Americans elected a black president, twice, and that included millions of whites. This recent video by black radio personality Larry Elder gives lots of convincing evidence that America is not as racist as Obama keeps telling us.

So you take people who aren’t racist and who try to treat all races equal and you keep telling them over and over how racist they are. And frankly they got sick of it. And all evidence pointed to the fact that Hillary was all-in on this narrative and would have continued the same policies on this as Obama.

Obama also clearly places more importance on Islam than on the lives of the American people. After numerous terrorist attacks by Muslims on American soil, each time Obama said “Well we don’t know what the person’s motives were,” defended the Muslims and was more concerned with people blaming Islam and speaking derogatorily against Muslims than the fact that Americans were killed. After one of the attacks, attorney general Loretta Lynch said anyone who said anything negative about Muslims would be prosecuted. The next day she recanted, probably after someone informed her that we have a first amendment.

So basically Obama never did anything about the threat from radical Islam (he refused to even use the words). All he did was apologize for it and warn us not to judge Muslims.

Obama’s obsession with protecting Muslims every time one of them committed a violent act, was just a bizarre thing that made no sense, leaving Americans shaking their heads. Apparently we were expected to just accept radical Muslims going on a killing spree a few times a year as the new normal.

And since Hillary Clinton’s top aid, Huma Abedin, was the daughter of a radical Muslim, we would definitely have had 4-8 more years of the same coddling of radical Islam under Hillary as we had under Obama.

The Main Message of Democrats Has Become Accusing Americans of “Hate”

There’s an excellent article by Derrick Wilburn on the American Thinker website, where he describes the fact that Democrats have gone all-in with a policy of calling all their opponents “haters,” and attributing any opposition to their policies as ‘”hate.”

Wilburn states “Since Barack Obama’s election in 2008 the Democrat Party has steadily drifted into this “label them all haters” territory and since that time the party has been absolutely obliterated at the polls. Democrats have lost the White House, Senate, and House. They now control just 13 state legislatures and Republicans now sleep in 33 governor’s mansions.”

“Hillary Clinton spent the majority of the past year speaking about, running ads about, giving campaign speeches about, and focusing during debates on ‘Donald Trump and the Republican’s hateful rhetoric.’ What Hillary and the Democrats cannot seem to figure out is that they are insulting massive portions of the American electorate by confusing common sense with hate and a rejection of their own dogma.”

“The vast majority of us Americans can differentiate between the two (common sense and hate). Today’s Democrats seemingly cannot.”

“Americans have seen the effects of massive refugee flows into the nations of Europe from the Middle East and the problems it’s causing there. Common sense tells us that bringing tens if not hundreds of thousands of these refugees into our nation without knowing exactly who they are carries with it some risks to national security.”

“To Hillary and the Democrats this level of common sense makes you an Islamophobe and means you are filled with hate toward Muslims!”

“Having a secure southern border is in our better national interests. We all know there are people entering our country — by just walking in — who are involved in various criminal activities, drug-trafficking, gang-bangers, rapists, etc.  It’s just common sense for a nation to have control over its own borders.”

“To Hillary and the Democrats this level of common sense means you hate brown people!”

“Democrats don’t seem to understand that calling someone “a racist” or “a xenophobe”, who is not a racist or a xenophobe doesn’t drive them toward you — it drives them away. Through their constant name-calling of the American people, Democrats have driven all but their hyper-loyal, hyper-left base, the Black Lives Matter members of the world, farther away.”

I think this is possibly the most significant thing that caused Trump to win. And the Democrats have not learned any kind of lesson, because all of the protest since the election is accusing Trump and his voters of being hateful, while engaging in violence and exhibiting quite a lot hate themselves.

In Part 2, I will discuss:

  • Trump Did Not Succumb to the Liberal Outrage Attack Machine
  • Trump Spoke to Americans’ Anger
  • People Don’t Trust the Media Anymore
  • People Voted Based on Economics, Not on Race or Gender
  • It Was a Repudiation of Government Elites
  • Plus a list of additional articles

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