By John Eberhard

I’m going to give recommendations on voting on November 6th. I will start out with California propositions.

Proposition 1: Authorizes bonds to fund specified housing assistance programs. Legislative statute.

Vote NO. $4 billion in welfare housing programs. In general I am against bond initiatives as they are basically the government borrowing more money (which has to be paid back with interest) to do things they should be able to do with regular tax money. But in this case it is borrowing money for more welfare, so I am doubly against it.

Proposition 2: Authorizes bonds to fund existing housing program for individuals with mental illness. Legislative statute.

Vote NO. $2 billion more money for state mental health programs. See Proposition 1.

Proposition 3: Authorizes bonds to fund projects for water supply and quality, watershed, fish, wildlife, water conveyance, and groundwater sustainability and storage. Initiative statute.

Vote NO. Authorizes $8.8 billion in new bonds. See Proposition 1.

Proposition 4: Authorizes bonds funding construction at hospitals providing children’s health care. Initiative statute.

Vote NO. Authorizes $1.5 billion in new bonds to be given to private (not government) hospitals. Why should the government borrow money to give to private hospitals? See Proposition 1.

Proposition 5: Changes requirements for certain property owners to transfer their property tax base to replacement property. Initiative constitutional amendment and statute.

Vote YES. Eliminates property tax penalties for seniors who want to sell their home and buy another.

Proposition 6: Eliminates certain road repair and transportation funding. Requires certain fuel taxes and vehicle fees be approved by the electorate. Initiative constitutional amendment.

Vote YES. You see how tricky they were in the wording above? This proposition repeals the gas tax that the state legislature and Jerry Brown passed that went into effect in November 2017. So if you don’t like the fact that we have the second highest gasoline taxes in the country (behind only Hawaii and a dollar more per gallon than some states) vote YES. This prop also would require the legislature to get voter approval for any new gasoline tax increases in the future, so they couldn’t pull this type of shenanigans again.

Proposition 7: Conforms California daylight savings time to federal law. Allows legislature to change daylight savings time period. Legislative statute.

Vote WHATEVER. This allows the state legislature to have us be on the same time all year and not have to “spring forward” and “fall back,” with the argument that people have more heart attacks and strokes when the time changes and our sleep patterns are disrupted. Seems like solving a “no problem” to me. Up to you. I’ll vote no.

Proposition 8: Regulates amounts outpatient kidney dialysis clinics charge for dialysis treatment. Initiative statute.

Vote NO. Jeopardizes access to care for 66,000 patients in CA who need frequent dialysis treatments to stay alive. Opposed by multiple health care groups.

Proposition 9: Removed from the ballot by order of the CA Supreme Court.

Proposition 10: Expands Local Governments’ Authority to Enact Rent Control on Residential Property. Initiative Statute.

Vote NO. The CA Republican Party calls it “a flawed plan that puts government in control of housing.” It allows the government to dictate the price for privately owned single family homes, and gives the government the power to add fees on housing, ultimately increasing rents and making housing more expensive.

Proposition 11: Requites private sector emergency ambulance employees to remain on-call during work breaks. Eliminates certain employer liability. Initiative statute.

Vote YES. Ensures the closest ambulance can respond when you call 911. Supported by law enforcement, local governments, and senior advocates.

Proposition 12: Establishes new standards for confinement of specified farm animals: Bans sale of non-complying products. Initiative statute.

Vote NO. Deceptive packaging. This prop actually legalizes the cruel cages Californians voted to prohibit 10 years ago.


I have heard people say that there is no difference between the Democratic and Republican parties. I couldn’t possibly disagree with this more, especially at the present time.

The Democratic Party leadership has been taken over by radical leftists who favor unbridled socialism, are anti-capitalism, who favor unlimited illegal immigration, open borders and sanctuary cities, unlimited rights to kill unborn babies right up until the time of birth, who offer free handouts in order to buy votes and control people’s lives, who favor feminism and who have become generally anti-male, who now tell white people that they should shut up because of “white privilege,” who accuse all white people of constant racism, and who try to make all their constituents feel like victims, because that is how they control them.

And don’t think that the rank and file office holders are not in lock step with these radical policies, because they are.

You may have noticed what the Democrats tried to do to Brett Kavanaugh.

You may have noticed dozens of recent incidents where Democrats have instigated actual violence and harassment against Republicans, with Democratic leadership like Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and Eric Holder subtly urging them on.

And Democrats have promised, if they gain control of the House and Senate, to impeach Trump, raise taxes and continue with more investigations of Kavanaugh.

On the other side, President Trump has achieved record setting economic gains, with lowest ever unemployment among blacks and other minorities, virtual zero unemployment, and millions of new jobs. Trump recently said that Democrats offer mobs, Republicans offer jobs.

So my general recommendation is to vote for Republicans across the boards for any office anywhere.

GOVERNOR: Vote for John Cox (Republican). Gavin Newsome the Democrat will give us more of what we’ve gotten from Jerry Brown, more taxes, more money for illegals.

LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR: We have a choice of Eleni Kournalakis, a Democrat, and Ed Hernandez, a Democrat. Of the two, I think Hernandez is marginally better.

SENATOR: We have a choice of Diane Feinstein, a Democrat and Kevin de Leon, a Democrat. Vote for de Leon because of what Feinstein did to Kavanaugh.

SECRETARY OF STATE: Vote for Republican Mark Mauser.

CONTROLLER: Vote for Republican Konstantinos Roditis.

TREASURER: Vote for Republican Greg Konlon.

ATTORNEY GENERAL: Vote for Republican Steven Bailey.

INSURANCE COMMISSIONER: Vote for (no party preference) Steve Poisner.

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