By John Eberhard

The CA primary election is Tuesday, June 8th. I think this is one of the most important election years in our lifetime, in that it will determine whether the Obama-Reid-Pelosi secular-socialist-statist political machine will be allowed to continue to impose their radical socialist agenda on us.

On the state level in CA, we have had a far-left Democratic-Party-dominated scene for many years. This culminated in a recall election a few years ago for Governor Gray Davis, after he and the state legislature had practically bankrupted the state by dramatically increasing spending while revenues were tanking. Since then, Governor Schwarzenegger, whatever his faults, has at least acted as a brake on the crazy left-wing state legislature (if you want a shock you should look at some of the bills they have passed which Schwarzenegger has vetoed).

But Schwarzenegger can’t run again because of term limits. So it is vital that we elect another Republican Governor, not let Democrat Gerry Brown back in there. The primary will determine who gets to face Brown in November, as well as determine the nominee for many other positions, including the candidate for US Senate.

Here are my recommendations:

Governor: Steve Poisner. This was a tough one as I see both Steve Poisner and Meg Whitman to be viable conservative candidates. The tipping point for me was that Poisner completely supports the AZ anti-illegal immigration law and supports a similar law for CA, and he supports taking away all the free welfare type benefits that we currently give to illegal immigrants. This is something I have supported ever since 59% of voters passed Prop 187 in 1994 but it was ruled unconstitutional by one liberal judge. Whitman, on the other hand, supports a path to citizenship for illegals, which I think sends the wrong message and provides further incentive for them to come. Poisner also supports tax cuts, a spending freeze, streamlining government, and tort reform.

US Senate: Carly Fiorina. She is a fiscal conservative who signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. If nominated she will go up against Barbara Boxer, one of the worst leftist ideologues in the Senate.

Lt. Governor: Sam Aanestad. Supported by Howard Jarvis Taxpayers and Tom McClintock.

Attorney General: Tom Harman. Supports Three-Strikes law. Cooley opposes Three-Strikes and endorses liberal Democrats to serve as judges. Harman endorsed by Tom McClintock.

Controller: Tony Strickland. Endorsed by Howard Jarvis Taxpayers for his plan to cap spending, reform government pensions and root out waste.

Superintendent of Schools: Larry Aceves. Retired school superintendent and a proven waste cutter.

Proposition 13: Yes. Changes state constitution to remove dangerous disincentive for property owners to upgrade certain types of buildings in order to improve earthquake safety.

Proposition 14: No. This anti-Republican initiative was placed on the ballot by liberal Democrats. Candidates would be allowed to conceal their party affiliation from voters. Voters could be forced to choose between two candidates from the same political party in the general election.

Proposition 15: No. Undoes a voter approved proposition from 20 years ago that prohibits public money to fund political campaigns in the state.

Proposition 16: Yes. Requires voter approval before local governments can use public funds or debt to take over local electrical service.

Proposition 17: Yes. Ends the penalty on drivers for changing insurance companies, so you can shop for lower rates.

Don’t forget to vote this Tuesday.

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