by John Eberhard

Today is a dark day for representative government in the United States. Today at 10:48 PM EST, the House approved the health care reform bill that was passed in the Senate recently, by a vote of 219-212. Not a single Republican voted for the bill in either the Senate or the House.

Recent polls have shown that a majority of Americans are against this socialist takeover of the health care industry. Few believe the President’s claims that it will bring down costs or improve the quality of care. There are plenty of concerns that it will bankrupt the country.

Yet the Democrats have now forced this measure upon us. There was no lack of evidence for them to see that the majority of U.S. citizens were against the bill. Every single poll showed a majority were against it. There were the town hall meetings last August. There was the September 12 protest march in Washington, DC which brought over a million people to the capital.

Edmund Burke, a member of the British Parliament in the 1700s, said that a representative of the people owed them his industry but also his judgment, and that he does them a disservice if he always goes along with their opinions. According to this idea, a representative doesn’t always have to do what the people want. He has to make his own decisions.

Even considering Burke’s concept, however, it strains credibility and belief in representative government for a far-left Democratic Party leadership that actually represents only 20% of the population (the 20% that identifies themselves as “liberal”) to force this socialist system upon us.

While it is true that 52% of the population voted for Barack Obama as President, the mainstream news media did a piss-poor job of informing the public of what he really stood for prior to the fact. They went out of their way to cover up what he really stood for. Don’t get me started on the media. I could go on for hours.

But doesn’t Obama owe the public some consideration as to what they want? Why would he and Democrats in Congress completely ignore what the public wants on this issue?

We have seen plenty of evidence that the President is narcissistic, arrogant, has an inflated idea of himself, and thinks he knows better than the rest of us. Apparently he is willing to risk the anger of the population at the polls this November, and in 2012.

Why would he risk that? Why would he risk losing Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress, and being thrown out on his ear in 2012? (And I believe both WILL happen.)

Well, first of all, Obama has been pushing health care reform so hard, it has become completely identified with him. It’s even called “Obamacare” now. In other words, he has a lot invested in it. If the bill had gone down to defeat, it would have made Obama look like a fool. His arrogance and narcissism would just not allow that to happen. He wants this as his place in the history books. It’s about his legacy. In short, it’s about him. And it’s about power. It’s about taking over one sixth of the U.S. economy.

Secondly, liberals don’t really care about what the majority in America wants. They know they don’t represent the majority of Americans. They never have. A recent poll showed that the percentages of liberal/conservative have not changed much in 50 years. 20% consider themselves liberal, 40% consider themselves conservative, and 40% consider themselves moderate.

So liberals don’t care what the majority of Americans want. They want to impose their will on the rest of us. They believe they know better than the majority. Typical elite think. That’s why they use the courts so much – you don’t have to consult the population.

Third, liberals care more what other liberals think of them than what the population thinks about them. They know that a number of other countries have socialized, government run health care. The fact that it works poorly everywhere it’s been tried means nothing to them. They’re embarrassed that they haven’t been able to enact it here. Embarrassed in front of whom? To other liberals in other countries of course. Mostly Europe.

What Now?

I think it is important for us to register our outrage that the Democrats have passed health care reform. Write letters to the reps themselves. Write letters to the editor of newspapers. Write blog posts. Post it to Facebook and Twitter. Spread the word.

I think it is also vital to remember Black Sunday, and don’t let other Americans forget it when November rolls around.

Last I heard, 36 states are set to file suits contesting the Constitutionality of the U.S. government forcing citizens to purchase health insurance. It only takes one to make it to the Supreme Court and overturn this.

But conservatives, those who oppose socialism on the principles that it rewards non-production and penalizes producers, have to take the long view. We have to realize that although once a government program is started, it is hard as hell to stop it, that that is our road. We have to figure out how to continue to get out the conservative message – limited government, lower taxes, less government control and intrusion in our lives. And we have to put up good leaders who have integrity and who will roll back the welfare state. That is our future. And it is the future that will ensure the future of the United States.

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