Marketing in Cleveland

By John Eberhard (Note: I recently sent out this article in my marketing newsletter, then realized it is just as valid as a political commentary.) This article is going to be a bit different than most of my Internet marketing articles. This one is more about economics. Back in August […] Read more »

The Financial Crisis: A Look Behind the Wizard’s Curtain

03/17/09 I recently received the following article from Bruce Wiseman, CEO of financial consultants Wiseman & Burke. I thought it was extremely interesting in terms of understanding the actual causes of the current economic crisis and worth sending to others. I am reprinting with Mr. Wiseman’s permission. John Eberhard THE […] Read more »

Obama’s Big Lie

02/21/09 by John Eberhard I recently got an email from the National Republican Trust Political Action Committee (, that contained some stuff in it that was too good not to share. “Let me tell you the real reason Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid pushed through the biggest spending […] Read more »