Father and Daughter Talk

03/30/11 A friend sent me this: ————————————————– Father and daughter talk A young woman was about to finish her first year of college. Like so many others her age, she considered herself to be very liberal, and among other liberal ideals, was very much in favor of higher taxes to […] Read more »

Dr. Seuss to Barrack Obama

08/14/10 A Facebook friend recently posted a rhyme he made up in the style of Dr. Seuss. I posted this to my Facebook page and quite a few people contributed. From David Womble: I do not like this Uncle Sam, I do not like his health care scam. I do […] Read more »

Dear President Obama

05/21/10 by John Eberhard I got forwarded an email recently that has the message below directed at President Obama. I have no idea who wrote this, but it is pretty clever. Dear President Obama:  I’m planning to move my family and extended family into Mexico for my health, and I […] Read more »

USA: The Next Detroit

12/21/09 I just received this from S&A Digest. Very interesting. John Eberhard ====================== Editor’s note: One of the most controversial pieces we published this year was Porter’s essay paralleling America’s decline with Detroit’s complete economic and political failure. We received more heated e-mails about this Digest than any in recent […] Read more »

The Employee Meeting…

11/14/09 A friend sent me this recently. Another friend was able to determine this is a fictional account of a business owner holding a meeting with all of his staff, but it’s an excellent explanation of how higher taxes on “the rich” trickle down to affect all of us. John […] Read more »

You Might Be a Liberal If…

08/25/09 A friend just emailed me this: With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy: * If you think the same government that couldn’t run Social Security, the post office, Medicare, etc is capable of running a national health care system, you might be a liberal. * If you had no objections to […] Read more »

We The People Are Coming

08/23/09 The following letter, read on Glenn Beck’s show, is rapidly circulating around the country. Americans everywhere identify with this 53-year-old woman. She has given us a voice. Once you read this, you will want to forward it to all of your friends… GLENN BECK: I got a letter from […] Read more »