The Key to Understanding Liberal Thought

By John Eberhard I am a political conservative. I favor smaller government, lower taxes, am against welfare and against government intrusion into our lives. I have spent a fair amount of time in my life trying to understand what make liberals tick. It’s been tough and I can’t say I’ve […] Read more »


By John Eberhard Liberals in America, and President Obama in particular, have made a lot of noise in recent years about “fairness,” or “social justice.” Obama’s message is that some people have too much money, and way back in 2008 on the campaign trail, he told Joe the Plumber that […] Read more »

Obama Won’t Be Changing Course

By John Eberhard Recently I saw an article on about the fact that James Carville, a Democratic political strategist who worked for Clinton and who has written at least one book on politics, was advising President Obama to “panic.” Carville stated “We are far past sending out talking points. […] Read more »