Trump, Carson, and the Election

John Eberhard Political experts, pundits, commentators, and politicians themselves, have been shocked and unable to explain events in the current Presidential election cycle. Trump has been leading in all the polls, and lately Carson has been gaining, even leading in one poll. But neither have ever held a political office […] Read more »

A Sea Change in the US News Media

by John Eberhard 09/24/04 We have witnessed evidence of a sea change (defined by Merriam Webster online as "a marked change : TRANSFORMATION") in US news media within the last two weeks. The change itself has happened over the last 10-15 years, but we have just seen conclusive evidence of […] Read more »

Liberal Bias in Hollywood

by John Eberhard 05/03/04 This is the third and final article in my series on liberal bias in our main communication channels today. The first two articles covered liberal bias in the mainstream news media (TV news, newspapers), and liberal bias in the faculties on college campuses. This final article […] Read more »

Liberal Bias on Campus

by John Eberhard 01/29/04 In my last article, I described the overwhelming liberal bias that is seen today in the mainstream news media, meaning the major newspapers and the TV news. Luckily, there is also a booming conservative presence in talk radio, on the Internet, on cable TV (Fox News), […] Read more »