Black Sunday

03/21/10 by John Eberhard Today is a dark day for representative government in the United States. Today at 10:48 PM EST, the House approved the health care reform bill that was passed in the Senate recently, by a vote of 219-212. Not a single Republican voted for the bill in […] Read more »

Is Health Care a “Right”?

03/05/10 It is thrown around frequently today that people have a “right” to this or that, and in the health care reform debate it is often stated that people have a right to health care. This article is one of the best I have seen in defining really what are […] Read more »

The Health Care Debate

10/26/09 By John Eberhard There is of course quite a bit of debate right now about the health care reform that Democrats are trying to pass. Liberals have been wanting to pass some form of national health care for 20 years or more. They want it. They want it really […] Read more »