California Voter Guide 2018

By John Eberhard I’m going to give recommendations on voting on November 6th. I will start out with California propositions. Proposition 1: Authorizes bonds to fund specified housing assistance programs. Legislative statute. Vote NO. $4 billion in welfare housing programs. In general I am against bond initiatives as they are […] Read more »

Trump and Clinton: The Issues

John Eberhard This presidential election is shaping up to be one of the most contentious political battles in my lifetime. Instead of commenting on the various scandals of the Clintons or what Trump has said, I’ve decided to just list out where both candidates stand on the various issues. This […] Read more »

Trump, Carson, and the Election

John Eberhard Political experts, pundits, commentators, and politicians themselves, have been shocked and unable to explain events in the current Presidential election cycle. Trump has been leading in all the polls, and lately Carson has been gaining, even leading in one poll. But neither have ever held a political office […] Read more »

The Election of November 2010 Part 2

10/30/10 by John Eberhard I know everyone is probably getting election fatigue already based on the volume of emails, direct mail and even robocalls. But bear with me with some last minute thoughts on next Tuesday’s election. Vote Republican Anyone who has followed my articles knows I am a conservative. […] Read more »